In addition to the Great Hall, Court Room and Livery Room, Saddlers’ Hall offers three smaller rooms for breakout spaces. These can be used for board meetings, private speaker areas, or as a VIP green room.

Use of these rooms is included when holding an event in the Hall.


Wardens’ Room 12 guests boardroom
  20 guests standing
Tunnel Room 30 guests standing
Ante Room 10 guests standing
Saddlers' Hall - Floor Plan - Breakout Spaces

Wardens’ Room

The solid oak table in the Wardens’ Room offers an ideal space for smaller private board meetings. Alternatively this can be moved to one side to make space for a VIP standing pre-dinner reception. Adjoining the Court Room, the Wardens’ Room is also frequently used as a DJ ‘booth’ for Weddings & Christmas parties.

Tunnel Room

The Tunnel Room connects the Wardens’ Room and the Great Hall, an ideal space for conference speakers to access the staging area without walking through the Great Hall itself. Filled with Saddlers’ Company treasures, the Tunnel Room offers plenty of talking points during networking receptions.

Ante Room

Situated on the ground floor of the Hall, the Ante Room offers a private lounge area, perfectly suited for a VIP green room or a hidden oasis for organisers during a busy conference.