Saddlers' Hall - Royal Charter

The Worshipful Company of Saddlers is one of the very oldest of the City of London Livery companies. The earliest surviving records of a Guild of Saddlers in London date from circa 1160 AD, although the Guild could well pre-date that.

Destroyed by the Great Fire of London and then bombed during the Blitz, the original Saddlers’ Hall dates back to the 14th Century and has been rebuilt several times.

Today, the Saddlers’ Company still has a close interest in, and involvement with, its original trade. This is exemplified in its support of the Society of Master Saddlers, its leadership of the development of saddlery training standards, its support of saddlery trainees and apprentices through bursaries, awards and prizes, and its promotion of British saddlery.

The Company supports almost all disciplines of British equestrianism, concentrating on younger and emerging riders, through the award of saddlery prizes and vouchers at a broad range of equestrian competitions across the country. It aims to promote the use of high quality British saddlery by riders of all ages and experience for the greater safety and comfort of both horse and rider.

Active philanthropic involvement in education and charity has always played a fundamental part in the Company’s life and this continues to the present day. The Company’s current educational activities range from a close association with City University of London (of which it was one of the founding Companies), through means-tested bursaries at Alleyn’s School in Dulwich, as well as the promotion of educational projects at schools in the inner-city boroughs bordering the City of London – and most particularly with the City of London Academy Islington.

The Company is the Trustee of a number of historic charities. These were founded with funds bequeathed by past members of the Company but it also endows its major charity, The Saddlers’ Company Charitable Fund, which responds to a wide range of charitable initiatives, with a particular emphasis on charities working for the benefit of disabled people and disadvantaged youth.

” The Hall itself is beautiful and the guests enjoyed looking at the artefacts in the building.

Corporate Client – Dinner, June 2019

Coat of Arms

The Saddlers’ Coat of Arms is rich in the Company’s equestrian roots. The azure shield, emblazoned with three gold saddles, takes centre stage between the two silver horses either side, both hoofed and bridled and wearing pink feather plumes, in addition to the horse atop the soldier’s helmet, which is also saddled and striking the ‘passant’ pose.

The Company is rare in that it has two mottos – Hold Fast, Sit Sure and Our Trust is in God.

Saddlers' Coat of Arms

Charity Work

As a not-for-profit institution, profits from events held at Saddlers’ Hall ultimately go towards the great work of the Company in support of the saddlery trade and its wider charitable objectives.

The Saddlers Company currently administers three charitable trusts and a charitable fund. Robert Kitchin’s Charity, the Saddlers’ Company Charitable Fund and Kaye’s and Labourne’s Charity are supervised by a Charities Committee. The Apprenticing Charity, supporting the training of young saddlers, is overseen by the Trade Liaison Committee.

Saddlers Company - Students at Capel Manor College, Enfield